for flexible packaging

Our polyesters are used as raw material in many flexible packaging applications such as foil- and pre-print primers, printing inks, overprint varnishes, foil coatings, heat-seal lacquers and interlayers. They are also used as additive in different flexible packaging formulations to improve properties like printability, adhesion, flexibility and hardness.

field of applications

• foil lacquers

• primer for aluminium- and polymer foils

• coating and laminating of polymer foils

• printing inks

• adhesion promoters

• extrusion coatings


• good adhesion to metal- and polymer-foils

• excellent balance of hardness and flexibility

• free of taste / no smell

• good processability, resistance to yellowing during processing

• most grades are in compliance with various food contact regulations

DEGALAN® Heat Sealing

Binders for Heat Seal Lacquers