The Marl site

The Marl Chemical Park is one of the largest chemical sites in Germany and also Evonik’s largest production location. The site covers an area of more than six square kilometers and provides around 10,000 jobs.

In addition to Evonik, its subsidiaries, and its affiliates, twelve other companies have operations in the Chemical Park. The roughly 100 production plants are linked in a tightly integrated material and energy network and are, for the most part, operated around the clock. Every year, over four million metric tons of products start their journey here on their way to destinations throughout the world. The energy requirements of the Marl Chemical Park are met by generating electricity and steam (combined heat and power) at two on-site gas-fired power plants and one on-site coal-fired plant.

Facts and figures about the Marl Chemical Park

  • Area: 6 square kilometers
  • Road network: 55 kilometers
  • Railway network: 100 kilometers
  • Pipe bridges: 30 kilometers
  • Piping: 1,200 kilometers
  • Canal network: 70 kilometers
  • 2 sewage treatment plants
  • 3 power plants
  • Approx. 900 buildings
  • Approx. 100 production plants
  • Output: approx. 4.4 million metric tons of product/year