DYNAPOL® - YOUR specialist for pre-coated metal

Can Coating

Our paint binders are the products of choice for every paint film on pre-coated rigid metal containers for food and nonfood applications. They combine superior protection properties with high flexibility, sterilisation resistance, film hardness and scratch resistance.

Coil Coating

The outstanding performance of our paint binders is the base for safety and reliability when used for wall claddings, roofing, garage doors, linds, window frames, domestic appliance body housings, ceiling panels, air condition devices, precoated automotive parts and any other interior and exterior pre-coated metal application you can imagine.

Flexible Packaging

Our polyesters are used as raw material in many flexible packaging applications such as foil- and pre-print primers, printing inks, overprint varnishes, foil coatings, heat-seal lacquers and interlayers. They are also used as additive in different flexible packaging formulations to improve properties like printability, adhesion, flexibility and hardness.