The Witten site

With his historical background in soap production, Witten is a traditional site of the chemical industry.

The production of polyesters for coatings and adhesives in Witten also contributes to the leading market position of Coatings & Additives in this area. As binders for the coatings industry and as key source materials of the adhesives industry, the saturated polyester resins of the DYNAPOL® and DYNACOLL® product lines, manufactured in Witten, offer superior elasticity, deformability, and chemical-resistance and are primarily used in the automotive, wood processing, textile, packaging, and personal hygiene industry.  Witten has traditional roots in mining, although the remnants of that industry today are now relegated to museums and historic trails. It has weathered the structural change and today are flourishing. Witten has replaced its industrial smokestacks with expansive nature preserves and now is a destination of choice for hikers and cyclists, with bodies of water such as Kemnader Lake.