Press release
May 27, 2010


New food contact approval expands the use of DYNAPOL® polyesters

The number of products of Evonik Coatings & Additives approved for direct food contact has been increased. Additionally to the already existing European approval according to the directive 2002/72/EC, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted recently a „Food Contact Substance Notification (FCN)“. It allows the use of DYNAPOL® L 912 in applications with food contact according to § 175.300 (lacquers), § 175.105 (adhesives) and § 175.125 (pressure sensitive adhesives).

By giving interior can coatings excellent metal adhesion and resistance towards sterilization, DYNAPOL® L 912 helps to meet highest demands towards protection of the metal container from canned food and vice versa. Corrosion of the can is prevented - even in case of spicy and sour filling goods - and a constantly good taste of the food is maintained over its shelf life time.