DYNAPOL® and DYNAPOL® UB for Can Coating

Our paint binders are the products of choice for every paint layer on pre-coated rigid metal containers for food and nonfood applications. They combine superior protection properties with high flexibility, sterilization resistance, film hardness and scratch resistance.

Application Fields

  • Decorative stamping enamels for cans, caps and closures
  • Decorative enamels for tubes and aerosol cans
  • Clear overprint varnishes
  • Interior protection enamels for cans
  • Adhesion promoter for caps and closures


  • Excellent adhesion to metals, even after extreme deformation and exposure to heat (sterilization)
  • Completely tasteless / no smell
  • Good processability (solids content, mild solvents, reactivity, resistance to yellowing even if overbaked)
  • Most grades are in compliance with various food contact regulations