DYNAPOL® for coil coating

The outstanding performance of our paint binders is the base for safety and reliability when used for wall claddings, roofing, garage doors, linds, window frames, domestic appliance body housings, ceiling panels, air condition devices, precoated automotive parts and any other interior and exterior pre-coated metal application you can imagine.

Fields of applications

  • Exterior and interior architecture (roofings, claddings, panels, venetian blinds, ceilings, lighting fixtures)
  • Appliance finishing (domestic appliances, steel furniture)
  • Transportation uses (automotive construction, trailer- and mobile home claddings, licence plates)
  • Primer for galvanized steel or aluminium
  • Hot laminating adhesives for films


  • Very good adhesion to aluminium, steel and galvanized steel
  • Excellent flexibility and hardness balance
  • Depending on the grade, good to excellent weathering resistance
  • Good processability (reactivity, solids content, overbake resistance)
  • Wide range of grades with special properties for different applications